Copywriter, Content Writer, Freelance Writer, or Ghostwriter? Know What Type of Wordsmith to Hire for Your Vegan Business

A vegan business cannot thrive without the right writer to educate and entice its potential customers. With all the different types of writers these days, how do you make sense of all the labels writers use, much less know what kind of wordsmith you should hire? Let’s take a look at the different writer labels you might stumble upon and see which writer will best suit your marketing needs.

What is a Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer is a writer who writes for the web as a contractor or subcontractor. If you hire a freelancer for your business, you hire them to do a specific job(s). You do not worry about paying part of their healthcare premiums or employment taxes. There are many advantages to hiring a freelance writer including paying only for the work completed, flexibility, and specific skill set. If you find the right freelance writer, you will save your company money. Read more about the advantages of hiring a vegan freelance writer.

You will find all types of writers under the “freelance writer” umbrella. A freelancer can be a copywriter, a content writer, a journalist, an essayist, speechwriter, technical writer, business writer, curriculum writer, and more. All of these writers use their creativity to write different types of content, and as a marketer or business owner, it can feel overwhelming to determine which type of writer you need. In addition, some of these terms are often used interchangeably and add to the confusion. But, rest assured, read on, and let’s get clear on what kind of writer you should hire.

What is a Content Writer? Do you Need a Content Writer for Your Vegan Business?

The term Content Writer encompasses a broad spectrum. Content is anything you read on the web. If you read a blog, you are reading content. If you read the script within a video or podcast, that is also content and a content writer wrote it. When you read a social media post from your favorite vegan shoe brand, that post was written by a content writer. A white paper is considered content writing as well.

The following are examples of different types of content:  

  • Blog Articles – A short-form or long-form article to educate, entertain, and build trust with your audience. A blog is usually housed on your company website.
  • E-newsletters – A one-page, concise email sent to clients containing company news and updates, or new products or services with the intention to inform and maintain audience engagement.
  • Webinar Content – A slide show that pertains to a webinar presentation.
  • White Papers – A well-researched report demonstrating useful and persuasive information about your company’s product or services. It is used to gather leads.  
  • Downloadable Resources or Opt-ins – A free e-book or guide to share with your potential customers specifically written to build authority and trust for your business and provide value to your customers.

What is sometimes confusing is that content writing pieces are sometimes referred to as “copywriting.” A white paper or a case study can be considered content writing OR copywriting, for example. Don’t be stirred by this. A good rule of thumb is to remember what each type of writing piece and writer does: The content writer informs, entertains, and builds trust with your audience, thereby building authority for your brand and business; a copywriter writes to persuade your audience to take a specific action like buying your vegan handbag or candy bar, for example.

What is a Copywriter?  When Do You Need a Copywriter for Your Vegan Business?

A copywriter writes to persuade your reader to take action on a specific result. For example, if you want to sell your brand new vegan cookbook, you would hire a copywriter to write a landing page for your website which seeks to persuade the reader to buy your book. Or, you might have a delicious vegan cheese you want to sell. A product description for this cheese would require a copywriter to write persuasive words to entice your audience to purchase it.  

Copywriting is different than content writing in that it seeks to create a response from the customer rather than seeking to inform or entertain. Make sense?

Below are examples of types of copywriting:  

Landing Page – A page on your website created specifically for a marketing campaign. A landing page has the sole purpose of selling a product or service, like an e-book.

Case Study – A marketing tool used to convince your audience that your products or services will meet their needs. 

Website Copy – Pages on a website including the Product or Services pages, the About page, Home page, or Landing pages.

Sales Letter – A strategically written letter snail-mailed to potential or actual customers with the intent of persuading them to take a specific action.

E-mail Series – A series of emails sent to clients on your email list written specifically to get them to purchase a service or product. Emails are also used to inform and build trust with clients, so once again, here is another caveat: is email marketing copywriting or content writing?

What About a Ghostwriter? What is That? When Should You Hire a Ghostwriter?

I’m going to have to throw in a vegan wrench into the mix. There is another type of writer referred to as a “ghostwriter.” This does not mean you would hire a ghost to write for you in the middle of the night when they are done haunting grandma. It means you would hire a writer who writes FOR your company without their name on their work.

There are freelance ghostwriters who write entire e-books or paperbacks for companies, get paid, then relinquish the rights to their work. For most businesses, ghostwriters are hired to write different types of content. If, for example, you require a content writer to write blog articles in your company’s voice and do not include their name on the blog, they are considered ghostwriters. To make things more blurring, a ghostwriter can be referred to as a content writer OR a copywriter. 

Final Words

Finding the right type of freelance writer for your vegan business is sometimes tricky. Knowing the differences between content writers and copywriters is important as a business owner or marketer. The important steps to take before hiring any writer are to research and know your audience and create a great marketing plan. Then seek a freelance writer who knows the differences between content writing and copywriting, make sure that person can write in your brand voice, and hire them. For an added benefit, hire a vegan freelancer who understands the non-vegan as well as the vegan consumer, and watch your business thrive. 

A content writer informs, entertains, and builds trust with your audience. A copywriter seeks to persuade your audience to buy your product or service.”

Why a Blog Is Vital for Your Vegan Business

Long gone are the days when door-to-door smiling salesmen walked neighborhoods and pitched their products. No one wants to answer the door to that anymore.

What has taken the place of the salesperson in a suit? Well, a lot with the advent of the internet. People now prefer to research a possible purchase from the comfort of their own homes (for starters), and this is where blogs come in. Blogs are now one component of the new sales cycle and are here to stay.  

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a consistent stream of relevant and helpful articles on your website that educate, inform, and build trust with potential or current customers. Blogs can also sway your clients to buy your products. There are different kinds of blogs, but the type that is best for your vegan business is one that speaks to your customers’ needs, desires, or problems.

Just over a decade ago, most blogs were unfiltered, unfocused ramblings that might or might not have made your head explode. Since then, blogs have evolved to become about the client and not so much about the writer. For vegan businesses, blogs are strategic content used to educate the public about your services and products, and garner leads. 

A blog is a vital component of every vegan business’ website.  

vintage typewriter with "to blog or not to blog"

Why do Vegan Businesses Need Blogs?

Let’s say someone wants to purchase vegan shoes. What does he do first? He might search online for different kinds of vegan shoes. If he is not sure which brand or type of shoe he wants, he will narrow it down by reading reviews or blogs about a few shoe types. He will stumble upon a vegan company’s blog explaining where and how they manufacture their vegan boots, what material they use, how reliable they are, or who buys them. This is where a well-written, timely, educational blog comes in! The vegan company that has an active blog will be far ahead of the competition, and most importantly, will be able to make a connection (and perhaps a sale) with that shopper. Why not have the blog that the consumer stumbles upon?

Understanding the importance of a blog on your vegan business website is paramount. 

Blogging helps you appear as an expert in your field. There is nothing more important these days than building trust with your potential customers, as mentioned earlier. Not only does a well-written blog speak to your client’s needs, problems, or desires, but it helps readers see you as an expert. Once they view your company as knowledgeable and helpful, trust is built, and they will eventually buy from you.  

Blogging helps grow your email list and generates more leads. When potential clients read an informative blog that speaks to their needs or desires about your product or service, they will follow your blog and sign up for your email list. These people are now leads who could become customers. Furthermore, once your blog is out in cyberspace, it is there until you remove it. It will continue to be read and generate more leads while you sleep. Not a bad deal!

Blogging helps your SEO visibility.  A blog with appropriate internal and external links, proper placement of keywords, and is well-written, truthful, and helpful will rank higher on search engine results. Best SEO (search engine optimization) practices are always changing, so we must keep on top of it, but what search engines consistently look for is frequent and quality writing. So, it is a good idea for a vegan business to make sure they have enough writers on staff or hire freelance content writers to write their blog posts.   

Blogging helps you stay on top of your industry and know your competitors. With so much information and changes occurring rapidly these days, it can be arduous to keep up with everything. Maintaining an active blog will force you to be on top of market changes. With a blog, you are propelled to research and write about different topics. This process will enhance your knowledge of your competitors’ products as well. Your readers will also get a feel for your expertise and want to follow your blog. They will come to expect more from you and will eventually make a purchase.

Need a vegan content writer to write your blog? I can help. Schedule a free discovery call today

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Niche-Specific Freelance Writer Is a Smart Move for Your Vegan Business

As a vegan business owner or marketer, you want to hire the best freelance writers to write copy or content, but how do you know you are hiring the right writer for your specific business?  

Freelance writers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are generalists who write for anyone, for different industries, and write all types of content. Others specialize in a niche and write for a particular industry.

Those writers who have a niche specialty are the ones to consider. They are the writers who know the vegan industry, so they will have a better understanding of your market, your customers, your products, or your services. These writers specialize because they are knowledgeable and have experience in their area. They write about what they love.

Common sense dictates that the best marketing decision is to hire a writer who is familiar with your industry-a writer whose niche, or area of specialty, is veganism.

Here are five reasons why a vegan niche-specific writer is the best choice for your business:   

She is committed to veganism.

A vegan writer contributes to your goals of inspiring veganism with your services and products. She will write her best to ensure her copy convinces potential clients to buy because she wants a vegan world. She is a cheerleader in your corner, a potential business collaborator with mutual goals.

She understands how to write for the vegan and for the non-vegan.

This is incredibly important. A copywriter who is not familiar with why someone would go vegan would struggle to write convincing copy to sway a prospect to buy a product. A vegan copywriter is familiar with the mind of the non-vegan and the mind of the vegan. What better person to hire to write copy?

A vegan writer knows the ins and outs of veganism. She understands what it is like to live as a vegan and what it was like to live otherwise.  Whether you are marketing to vegans or aspiring vegans, she will speak to your potential and current customers’ desires, fears, aspirations, and motivations. Her experience with and without veganism makes her the best writer for your copy needs.

Just to drive the point home, would you hire a roofer or a general contractor to fix your damaged roof on your house? Both are handy with tools and both can probably do the job, but the roofer knows how to repair or replace roofs on houses. The roofer is more qualified and will do the job faster and more efficiently.

You get the picture!

She might use your products or services.

A vegan writer is your best hire because she might be, at the very least, familiar with your products or services. Better yet, she might use or consume your products. What better writer can you hire but one who uses your vegan lotion, drinks your vegan wine, or knows how to move from the standard American diet to a plant-based diet?  She will be able to speak from personal experience to sell to your customers.

She is familiar with the vegan industry.

A professional vegan copywriter or content writer keeps abreast of vegan news, trends, and happenings. A general writer will not do that or be inclined to want to. He will have to learn about veganism to write excellent copy, and that takes time.

You might have a writing assignment that can be adequately filled with a generalist and be tempted to hire that type of writer. However, if you should hire a non-vegan generalist, they will not be able to write good copy that sells your products because they do not understand veganism. Why not start with a writer who knows your industry?

Hiring the best content writer to educate your prospects and customers is a smart business decision. Working with a copywriter who sways your customers to purchase your products makes good business sense.

Make sure that writer is vegan.

Should Vegan Companies Hire for Personality or Skill, Especially During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has stalled the world, whether we want to admit it or not. Millions have either lost their jobs or careers, or have been furloughed. As a result, masses of people have been forced to seek new careers, learn new skills, and start new endeavors.

How do vegan companies navigate through this, and how do they hire the best freelance writers or employees when a large percentage of the workforce is in transition?

I recently learned that my former coworkers are desperate for work now. They are afraid because their careers have ended due to the ramifications of COVID-19, and they are not sure if they are qualified to do other work. I feel for them, but all hope is not lost because personality is transferable.

A person’s disposition or personality, also known as “soft skills,” can make the difference between adequate candidates and ideal candidates. A copywriter with great soft skills knows when to be a leader and when to listen. She knows how to be kind, empathize, and problem solve.  Soft skills are more essential than hard skills.

How many times have you called a company for help and chatted with a rude person on the other end of the line? Or worse, you talked with someone who clearly did not care about your needs or issue, much less wanted to help you. They say you can even train a monkey to answer the phone (I’m not saying people are monkeys, but a little service would be nice, right?). Great customer service is becoming a thing of the past, and that needs to change.

Good customer service feels like peach pie on a summer day. You are satisfied and happy that the person on the other end of the phone helped you, and you will continue to use their services.

Great customer service these days is like finding a gold mine! You not only will continue to use their services, but you will write a phenomenal review on the company’s website, recommend them to your friends, become a customer for life, and bake them a peach pie (during any season) and bring it to them!  

The goal for vegan companies is to hire people that make the customer feel like he found the gold mine. The best decision is to hire personality over skill.

Personality skills (or soft skills) is the way to go. I’m not at all diminishing hard skills or suggesting that skill set is not important. Of course, it is. You want to hire the person who is most qualified overall, but personality means more to the success of a vegan business than only hiring for skill mastery.

You can hire a qualified freelance writer with a Ph.D. or a vegan content writer with years of experience, but if either writer is inflexible or not a team player, you will have more problems in the long run that might negatively affect your business, coworkers, customers, and your bottom line. Why not hire someone who is versatile, positive, and excited to complete or learn whatever work you send her way?

According to Recruiterbox, hiring personality over skill is what companies prefer. They love to hire people who are:   

  • Enthusiastic
  • Adaptable
  • Team-oriented
  • Authentic (admits to mistakes)
  • Contentious (asks good questions)
  • Resilient
  • Curious (is willing to learn)
  • Confident
  • Ambitious
  • Action-oriented

What vegan company would not want to work with a person who exhibits all of the above soft skills?

I’ve been hired for most jobs I’ve applied for during my former career in the areas of consulting, coaching, training, writing, managing, and even data analysis. I was not fully qualified for some positions, but I was hired because I possess the above characteristics. I take learning seriously, I relish in great relationships with my coworkers or clients, I am authentic, and I always do my best.  

As a vegan business owner or hiring manager, your company will be in good hands if you hire contactors or employees with exemplary soft skills.

8 Reasons to Hire a Vegan Freelance Content Writer or Copywriter for Your Vegan Business

Are you a vegan business owner, brand new entrepreneur, or running a vegan nonprofit and wondering if it makes sense to hire a freelance writer for your business writing needs?

What if you realize you need assistance and are considering hiring someone to help you, but you do not have the funds to hire a full-time employee? This is where a freelance professional comes in!

Companies are moving in the freelance direction, and making the shift to hiring a freelance copywriter to write your marketing content, blogs, or articles is a good move that helps ease your workload (and your mind). Finding a writer is simple, but not always easy. Finding a writer who is the right fit is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack, so you tend to stick with the familiar – hiring a fulltime or part-time employee to write your content. However, working with a freelance writer can be a smart business decision.

Here are the top eight reasons why you should hire a freelance content writer or copywriter for your vegan business:  

The Shared Vision

A vegan writer will work with you to bring about your vision of spreading veganism worldwide. She knows the business from the perspective of those who embrace the vegan lifestyle and from those who do not. What better person to work with you than another passionate vegan?

It is Economical

You do not provide office space, office equipment, benefits or training. You only pay for the work you need completed. Freelance professionals are paid by the project or by the hour. This ensures a decrease in overhead and an increase in profits.

It Saves Time

Using a freelance content writer or copywriter will save you lots of time because the writer will create the content you don’t have the time to write.  A vegan copywriter will ease your work load so you can focus on other important aspects of running a successful business.

Access to Expertise

Freelancers are highly trained, experienced and educated professionals. They are always improving their skills, and they do not fire themselves. This ensures you are hiring top rate professionals with an inner drive to succeed.

You are getting the best value for your dollar!


Freelancers are flexible and are able to give you quick turnarounds. Since they work from home or from a virtual office, they are able to work outside of regular office hours, which makes it easier for them to adjust to your specific business needs.


Let’s face it, even the best writer might feel stuck once in a while and might not always generate exciting and compelling content. Hiring a freelance copywriter or content writer gives you a different, creative, skilled talent that would bring new ideas to your platform. Why not try a fresh mind?


You are in control. Working with a freelance writer gives you the opportunity to hire them for a one-time project, a few different projects, or you can create a long-lasting working relationship. A freelancer will complete your given assignment based on your contract details.

The ball is in your court!

Freelancers Are Here to Stay

According to Elaine Profeldt, author, business owner, and contributor to Forbes in “The Coming Boom for Freelancers,” freelancing is not going away, especially as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. She states that forty-nine percent of hiring managers acknowledged highly-skilled talent as the reason they would continue to hire freelance workers. In addition, fifty-seven percent of managers engaged freelancers as strategic partnerships.

The freelance writing gig is the wave of the future. Are you ready to jump in?