Why a Blog Is Vital for Your Vegan Business

Long gone are the days when door-to-door smiling salesmen walked neighborhoods and pitched their products. No one wants to answer the door to that anymore.

What has taken the place of the salesperson in a suit? Well, a lot with the advent of the internet. People now prefer to research a possible purchase from the comfort of their own homes (for starters), and this is where blogs come in. Blogs are now one component of the new sales cycle and are here to stay.  

What is a Blog? 

A blog is a consistent stream of relevant and helpful articles on your website that educate, inform, and build trust with potential or current customers. Blogs can also sway your clients to buy your products. There are different kinds of blogs, but the type that is best for your vegan business is one that speaks to your customers’ needs, desires, or problems.

Just over a decade ago, most blogs were unfiltered, unfocused ramblings that might or might not have made your head explode. Since then, blogs have evolved to become about the client and not so much about the writer. For vegan businesses, blogs are strategic content used to educate the public about your services and products, and garner leads. 

A blog is a vital component of every vegan business’ website.  

vintage typewriter with "to blog or not to blog"

Why do Vegan Businesses Need Blogs?

Let’s say someone wants to purchase vegan shoes. What does he do first? He might search online for different kinds of vegan shoes. If he is not sure which brand or type of shoe he wants, he will narrow it down by reading reviews or blogs about a few shoe types. He will stumble upon a vegan company’s blog explaining where and how they manufacture their vegan boots, what material they use, how reliable they are, or who buys them. This is where a well-written, timely, educational blog comes in! The vegan company that has an active blog will be far ahead of the competition, and most importantly, will be able to make a connection (and perhaps a sale) with that shopper. Why not have the blog that the consumer stumbles upon?

Understanding the importance of a blog on your vegan business website is paramount. 

Blogging helps you appear as an expert in your field. There is nothing more important these days than building trust with your potential customers, as mentioned earlier. Not only does a well-written blog speak to your client’s needs, problems, or desires, but it helps readers see you as an expert. Once they view your company as knowledgeable and helpful, trust is built, and they will eventually buy from you.  

Blogging helps grow your email list and generates more leads. When potential clients read an informative blog that speaks to their needs or desires about your product or service, they will follow your blog and sign up for your email list. These people are now leads who could become customers. Furthermore, once your blog is out in cyberspace, it is there until you remove it. It will continue to be read and generate more leads while you sleep. Not a bad deal!

Blogging helps your SEO visibility.  A blog with appropriate internal and external links, proper placement of keywords, and is well-written, truthful, and helpful will rank higher on search engine results. Best SEO (search engine optimization) practices are always changing, so we must keep on top of it, but what search engines consistently look for is frequent and quality writing. So, it is a good idea for a vegan business to make sure they have enough writers on staff or hire freelance content writers to write their blog posts.   

Blogging helps you stay on top of your industry and know your competitors. With so much information and changes occurring rapidly these days, it can be arduous to keep up with everything. Maintaining an active blog will force you to be on top of market changes. With a blog, you are propelled to research and write about different topics. This process will enhance your knowledge of your competitors’ products as well. Your readers will also get a feel for your expertise and want to follow your blog. They will come to expect more from you and will eventually make a purchase.

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