4 Ways for Vegan Businesses to Inspire Veganism without Alienating Their Customers or Profits  

In May of 2021, I celebrated 10 years of living vegan – an achievement I take pride in.

It has been a decade of not participating in animal exploitation and maltreatment, a decade of a healthier body, mind, and emotions, a decade of caring for our planet, and a decade of compassionate living.  

It doesn’t get better than that!

The vegan lifestyle, though, is not always an easy sell, is it? There are misconceptions about veganism that as a marketer you must face, and that is a challenge. In addition, as vegan business owners, we want others to see how important and urgent it is to embrace veganism. We want to make money and accomplish great success, but our deeper purpose is to change the world. We want to share with others the amazing life we lead, how to live without contributing to harming animals, the planet, and our bodies. But, sometimes this is easier said than done.

How do we promote veganism without alienating non-vegans? Let’s find out.

4 Ways to Inspire Veganism without Alienating Your Customers or Profits

#1. Customize campaigns to include non-vegans and vegans.

This might be obvious, but it needs to be said: not everyone is vegan, and not everyone will choose a vegan lifestyle because of your business, whether you sell vegan shoes, vegan cosmetics, or vegan food. Some customers will never embrace veganism. But, it’s best to include all types of customers in your marketing campaigns because some might become plant-based, which saves some animals from demise. They might tell a friend, who tells a friend, who tells another friend who then becomes vegan. You never know.

Always include non-vegans in your marketing campaigns, especially if you sell plant-based food. Know there is a learning curve, and you will have to change your approach for the different types of consumers such as vegetarians, flexitarians, reducetarians, carnivores, or vegans. Learn more about how to market to all potential clients here.

#2. Compose the right words to share your message.

We all know the vegan who comes off too angry or strong and repels potential converts to veganism. It happens. Don’t be that company or marketer.

A good idea is to create your website with specific wording that presents veganism in a positive light for whoever lands on your site. Words matter. They will either capture leads and sell your products or services, or they will send people to your competitor. Work with a vegan content writer or copywriter who understands how to speak to all kinds of customers.

You don’t want to focus only on the capture, exploitation, or killing of animals, for example. That will alienate potential customers who land on your website. A great idea is to create resources for the customer that specifically speak to their vegan journey, which brings me to my next point.

#3. Create free educational resources and share them on your website.

Free, downloadable resources on your company site accomplishes two important things with potential clients: they build trust and educate. Both are vital to building a customer base and selling your vegan products or services.

If you are a food company, creating a short e-book explaining why the plant-based diet is vital for great health would educate your audience, build trust, and answer a lot of questions they might have. A resource demonstrates authority in your field and builds credibility for your company.   

If you sell vegan shoes, for example, writing a blog or video about how your company’s shoes are made without harming animals would build credibility and trust. A good rule of thumb is to think about what the customer would want to know before they buy from you and create that resource, whether that is a case study, a white paper, a fact sheet, or an e-book. There are many options!

These are only two examples. There are different ways to create content that would help build trust with your potential clients, which brings me to my next point. 

#4. Communicate the benefits of veganism to your customers.

Once you’ve built trust with your customers, you are then able to educate them on living vegan. There are several ways to do this, depending on what type of vegan business you have.

Slipping in the benefits of living vegan for animals and the planet in your email campaigns once in a while is a good idea. Advising your customers how and why your company contributes to nonprofits fighting climate change or animal welfare is also a great idea. Explaining why a percentage of your proceeds that go toward creating sustainable, organic farming practices in an article or a white paper can also be done. The point is to introduce the WHY behind your business (promoting a vegan world) AFTER you have gained trust from your customers.

Telling them they need to go vegan without first gaining their trust is ineffective.  


Selling vegan products or services is a noble endeavor, but it can sometimes be tricky. You want your business to flourish, but you also want your customers to ultimately embrace the vegan lifestyle to make this world more compassionate and kind. I get it and share your mission and vision!

Understand the more trust you build, the more the various types of consumers will buy from you. Market to all types of customers, not only to vegans. Educate your customers with personalized, downloadable resources to build trust and credibility. Communicate with your customers via email marketing, and share the wonderful life of veganism when appropriate.

It’s important to hire a vegan content writer or copywriter who understands how to build trust with content and inspire your clients to go vegan without alienating them.

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