8 Reasons to Hire a Vegan Freelance Content Writer or Copywriter for Your Vegan Business

Are you a vegan business owner, brand new entrepreneur, or running a vegan nonprofit and wondering if it makes sense to hire a freelance writer for your business writing needs?

What if you realize you need assistance and are considering hiring someone to help you, but you do not have the funds to hire a full-time employee? This is where a freelance professional comes in!

Companies are moving in the freelance direction, and making the shift to hiring a freelance copywriter to write your marketing content, blogs, or articles is a good move that helps ease your workload (and your mind). Finding a writer is simple, but not always easy. Finding a writer who is the right fit is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack, so you tend to stick with the familiar – hiring a fulltime or part-time employee to write your content. However, working with a freelance writer can be a smart business decision.

Here are the top eight reasons why you should hire a freelance content writer or copywriter for your vegan business:  

The Shared Vision

A vegan writer will work with you to bring about your vision of spreading veganism worldwide. She knows the business from the perspective of those who embrace the vegan lifestyle and from those who do not. What better person to work with you than another passionate vegan?

It is Economical

You do not provide office space, office equipment, benefits or training. You only pay for the work you need completed. Freelance professionals are paid by the project or by the hour. This ensures a decrease in overhead and an increase in profits.

It Saves Time

Using a freelance content writer or copywriter will save you lots of time because the writer will create the content you don’t have the time to write.  A vegan copywriter will ease your work load so you can focus on other important aspects of running a successful business.

Access to Expertise

Freelancers are highly trained, experienced and educated professionals. They are always improving their skills, and they do not fire themselves. This ensures you are hiring top rate professionals with an inner drive to succeed.

You are getting the best value for your dollar!


Freelancers are flexible and are able to give you quick turnarounds. Since they work from home or from a virtual office, they are able to work outside of regular office hours, which makes it easier for them to adjust to your specific business needs.


Let’s face it, even the best writer might feel stuck once in a while and might not always generate exciting and compelling content. Hiring a freelance copywriter or content writer gives you a different, creative, skilled talent that would bring new ideas to your platform. Why not try a fresh mind?


You are in control. Working with a freelance writer gives you the opportunity to hire them for a one-time project, a few different projects, or you can create a long-lasting working relationship. A freelancer will complete your given assignment based on your contract details.

The ball is in your court!

Freelancers Are Here to Stay

According to Elaine Profeldt, author, business owner, and contributor to Forbes in “The Coming Boom for Freelancers,” freelancing is not going away, especially as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. She states that forty-nine percent of hiring managers acknowledged highly-skilled talent as the reason they would continue to hire freelance workers. In addition, fifty-seven percent of managers engaged freelancers as strategic partnerships.

The freelance writing gig is the wave of the future. Are you ready to jump in?