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Professional Website Reviews for Vegan and Plant-Based Businesses

Attract and Impress. Make them take a second, third, and fourth look. Make them click “submit” or click “buy”. Make your website stand out from the pack. Make money and inspire others to embrace the vegan lifestyle.

Did you know that it takes only ten seconds or less for a prospect to decide to leave to stay on your website?

Not a lot of time, is it?

So, your site had better give them something at first glance to entice them to look further!

Does your site not add up? Not sure what is missing or why you are not making sales, or why potential customers are leaving your site? Get a Professional Website Review today.

What is Included in a Professional Website Review?

  • A thorough analysis of your site measuring it against current web content best practices.

  • A detailed report explaining your site’s strengths and your opportunities for improvement.

  • A synopsis with a customized plan to boost your site’s SEO traffic and site conversions.

When you schedule a website review, your site will be evaluated against a 43-Point Best Website Checklist for best SEO practices so you can boost your sales. The content on your website will be analyzed for the following:

  • easy to absorb and inviting content
  • current and timely content
  • links to other site pages embedded in your content and relevance
  • content that flows smoothly and is easy to understand
  • optimizations of CTA’s (call to actions) throughout your site
  • navigation that is easy to follow and make sense
  • appropriate graphics and images that inspire a CTA or enhance your site
  • video and audio that work well for your specific business and products
  • inviting colors and fonts used and consistency throughout your site
  • SEO essentials in the content, headers, tags, etc.
  • and more!

Seven Components of a Great Website:

woman typing on laptop
  • persuasive sales copy
  • keyword research and strategic placement of key phrases
  • clear navigation and “one-click” access to product pages
  • opt-in and call to actions
  • engaging content that informs, entertains, educates, and builds trust
  • clear ISP on home page
  • easy to do business with you

Note: Rates for website reviews vary and are based on the number of site pages and general scope of the project. Find out if a professional website review can make a difference for your vegan business.

We’re a great fit if…

Vilma Reynoso of Vegan Spirit Worldwide, website reviews for a vegan planet
  • You’re a business owner of a vegan or plant-based company wondering why your website is not ranking on Google’s first page.
  • You are wondering why your website content is not inspiring people to buy your products.
  • You are swimming in work and can’t find the time to analyze your site AND you are looking for a vegan website auditor to review your site writer who brings passion and commitment to every project.
  • You’re looking to work with a fellow vegan who shares your values with the mutual goal of a more compassionate, vegan world.

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Attract and impress. Professional website reviews for vegan businesses.

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